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Hi, I’m Earma Brown, Founder of WOW! Women Global. Years ago, God changed my life and a group of maximum security rowdy women inmates in a Bible class. He healed the pain inside and started the journey to my destiny all with the WOW message that I’m sharing with you in the three books below: WOW! Women of Worth, WOW! Women of Destiny and WOW! Women of Legacy. I can hardly wait for you to receive them! For I know we serve a God whose no respecter of persons. What he did for me and so many others. He will do for YOU!

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what’s inside WOW! Women Trilogy & Destiny Starter Kit?

WOW! Women Trilogy Author Earma Brown with grace and passion teaches women in her three books
women of worth, women of destiny and women of legacy how to become WOW! Women. Inside this collection of books, you will
discover how to:  Avoid the mistakes forever caused by low self-esteem.
Overcome an enemy called insignificance.  |  Develop a spirit of readiness to seize all your opportunities.  |  Fuel your passion with your troubles.  |  Stop the destiny thieves sent to kill your dream.  |  Discover a woman’s royal call to rule and your inner queen.

  • 3 WOW! Women Trilogy Books: Women Of Worth, Women Of Destiny and Women of Legacy (50.97)
  • The WOW! Women Of Destiny Binder Printable – chock full of coloring pages, five minute devotionals, planners, affirmations and more… ($49 Value)
  • The 21 Question Study Guide for each book: Women Of Worth, Women Of Destiny and Women Of Legacy. ($29.99 value)
  • 2 Bonus Audio Teachings: God Has Big Plans For You! Part I & II ($19.99)

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There are more than several people on my team who think I’m being too generous with this offer. But it’s on my heart to do. I always say it’s God working in me and through me. For over twenty years, when I flow like that, I haven’t gone wrong. I can’t do this all the time. So, don’t miss it. Get these books & kit for just $19 in the next 72 hours. This is the only time you’ll ever see this price! All digital products – no refunds will be available. Nothing will be shipped.

order now for just $19

(Normally sold for $149)

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