WOW! Women Of Destiny by Earma Brown

God Changed My Life!

As a young woman, God used the WOW message to change my life forever! It changed me from the core to the outside. I found out that’s how our God likes to do things. He often starts with the small and seemingly insignificant things. Download this free chapter ‘A Woman’s Pursuit Of God’s Presence’ and audio ‘God Has Big Plans For You’, I’m praying He’ll get started doing the same for you. Along with the free chapter and audio you’ll receive updates, access to new freebies and other special offers from the growing WOW Women Resource Library.

WOW! Women of Destiny: Chapter 2 – Going Through The Process With Patience

A Woman’s Pursuit of God’s Presence

You shall hide them in the secret place of your presence. —Psalm 31:20a What did Rahab, a former Jerichoian prostitute do that landed her in the Christian faith hall of fame, an honorable mention in the genealogy of Christ and changed her destiny forever? She was among those that trembled with fear at the mention of the Israelis’ God, who fought for His people. Even trembling with fear, Rahab grabbed her destiny and the fate of her family with both hands and did something that changed her life and the lives of her family forever…

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