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Praise for WOW! Women of Worth:

charlakey150Earma, I wanted you to know how much I have been enjoying reading your WOW! book. It literally has been like God told you to write it just for me. I can now identify how much I have dealt with rejection in my life. Just the other day, I found myself recognizing the spirit of rejection. I immediately thought of you and your book. I responded with a right response: I repented and forgave the person. Thank you for writing this book… –Charlette Tasby


kesha-neely150Feeling so Blessed to be part of a WOW (Women of Worth) fellowship where women from all backgrounds, ethnicities & struggles come together encouraging one another toward victory & triumph. This month’s reading & discussion is “WOW” – Becoming an Extraordinary Woman Using Ordinary Tools by Earma Brown. A MUST READ FOR ALL!!! –Kesha


jackie-morrison150Absolutely!! I would love to bless my entire book club with a copy and we will make it the highlight for our first meeting. We would certainly love for you to join us for the discussion as it really feed my spirit when I read it for the first time (on my flight home from Chicago). It is truly needed within our club ministry right now so it will be my absolute pleasure. I will purchase 15 books by the 19th of this month (as I could gift the book to them as a stocking stuffer for Christmas) –Jackie, GirlFriends, Book Club President


2)I’m reading WOW (women of worth) by Earma Brown It’s a must read because, she taps into your mind: meaning she talks about things that you have questioned yourself about, makes you think about things that you have said or thought and you know that you shouldn’t have said or though lol… she helps us to tap into and appreciate who God has made us to be, the book is very enlightening.. Thank you Earma :))) -posted on Facebook

1)I love the book and I’m pushing it on my page. Give me the name of the web to post my comment. I felt very inspired and enlightened, I was like okay I understand :))) keep on doing what God purposed you to do.. love ya


auntsamella…Thank you for the book. It has given me so much hope. As I sat and read W.O.W. my mind went back to my life when I first got married and I began to read my Bible and God gave me a new life and now my life could not be better. I wake up in the morning and say Thank you Jesus! –Love, your Aunt Samella


2)I loved the book. I ordered some to give to young ladies so they would be encouraged. I am going to spread the Good news to women at my church also…because this book is definitely Good news…(posted on Facebook)

vickye allison frasier1501)”Earma, You outdid yourself.  WOW is a must read for ALL women.  I read it and it was a fantastic book.  I can’t wait for the next one.  You keep empowering women.  I can’t say enough good things about WOW…I truly loved it.” Vickye Allison Frazier

Cuz, just stopping by to congratulate you on WOW (Women of Worth). Excellent book so far. I’ve been reading it since I left Chicago and I plan to finish it tonight (especially luv the chapter on “Unlocking Your Potential”). I’ve already promised to give it to Kesha once I finish it as well as recommend it to other females within my social network. Personally, I think this book should be on Oprah’s book of the month. Keep making the family proud with your superb writing and inspirational messages!!!! Jacque Morrison


Thank you for teaching the class “WOW: Women Encouraging Women to Their Purpose & Destiny”! We have been hearing good reports of the blessing you were to your students. We appreciate your faithfulness and service to the Lord in teaching His children. We know many have been blessed by your obedience to serve Him.
Late Melinda Manning, Pastor, Covenant Church, Carrollton, Texas


Earma, I cannot express enough to you the timeliness of this message! Many, many women will be blessed and grow through this teaching. You are out at the threshold of a great and mighty “new thing” that God is doing for His women who search after His heart!! You are blessed – you are anointed. You are on your way. I considered it a great pleasure that you allowed me the privilege to review your material. –Darla Knoll, Former Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Covenant Church, Carrollton, Texas.


Dearest Earma, thank you so much for sharing your life, your heart and your wisdom. But especially, thank you for your love! Thank you for building us up. –Mary, WOW Class attendee.


I look forward to WOW, Part II of the class. It has been a blessing in my life. Thank you. -Illya Roberts


Earma, it has been a blessing to have you as a teacher these last few weeks. We appreciated your sweet spirit! Since you are such a giver we felt led to give you a token of our love for you… –Jane & Cleo.


I’ve struggled with so many of the same issues that I was encouraged to see someone bold enough to write about it. I enjoyed the class and I’m looking forward to the book. –Bettie Cormel, WOW class attendee.


I knew in my heart this message would change my life the minute I started reading. I was not disappointed. I am recommending it to every woman I know. –Tonya Mason, Flower Mound, Texas