21 Days Of Blessing Challenge


21 Days Of Blessing Challenge

Have you heard about the 21 Days of BLESSING Challenge sponsored by WOW Women Global along with Pink Tree Publishing? Maybe you’ve purchased one of the WOW! Women books and looking for something extra. Or, you want to learn more about the WOW! Women books and message because you haven’t read any of the books. Either way, this is designed just for you. It will give you a taste of what this wonderful message for God’s woman is all about. After all, God told me to tell you that you’re WOW!

I took some of my favorite truths from book three  WOW! Women of Legacy and formatted them into 21 daily devotions you can get for FREE. Just sign up in the box you see below and you’ll receive one email a day for 21 days.

WOW! Women of Legacy - 21 Days Of Blessing ChallengeIf you are interested in getting a copy of the WOW Women Devotional book: 21 Days Of Blessing & Prayer Challenge, sign up below and you’ll receive the email challenge plus a notification about when it is available.

If you want to hear a little more about this challenge, watch the introductory video you see below. I would be honored to walk with you for the next 21 days as we gain a deeper understanding of ‘Living Life Of Blessing And Legacy.’

Introductory Video Coming Soon! 

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