Day 8

5 More Ways To Walk In The Spirit Of Readiness

[content_box_red width=”75%”]WOW Words of Today: For I am the Lord, I do not change. -Malachi 3:6a[/content_box_red]

Perhaps, you are in the midst of a change that you never thought would happen. If so, this little word is for you today. I encourage you to call to the one who changes not. Our Father God does not change. In fact, he is the same yesterday, today and forever. He promised he would never leave us or forsake us. And you know what; I believe Him. On that note, I’ve gathered some Scriptures that I have found comforting and faith building in the middle of CHANGES in my life and all around me.

  • Prioritize your family, business and life. Make sure God is first, family, work, church and then other stuff. Right priorities will safeguard your life. Most sin happens when something is out of balance with wrong priorities. For example, if you’re putting work or church before God and family. Keep right priorities and prosper beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Learn early to redeem your time. Look for lost time (unredeemed) evenings, early mornings, late nights. In other words, if you’re spending all your free time in front of television, you might not connect with your destiny in your life time.
  • Apply patience. The word of says to exercise patience so that afterwards you may receive the promises of God. Notice there’s action inside this instruction. Most people think of patience in the noun or passive form. But, I’ve discovered it’s more of an action, a verb.
  • Do as Jesus did. Jesus wrapped himself in a towel preparing to serve his disciples and impart the vision of servanthood in their hearts. By allowing Him to serve them, they learned a lesson they would never forget. Write it down.
  • Embrace your season of preparation. Life really is cyclical. It comes around in season. You may be going through a season where it looks like nothing is happening. It may be your preparation season for the greatness that’s coming. Take advantage of it; don’t waste it.

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