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Getting Rid Of Hidden Anger by Earma Brown

How To Get Rid Of Hidden Anger

Just do it! Like, I’m about to do with this word. I confess I’ve been dragging my feet a bit with delivering it. When you hear it you’ll know why. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was talking to Varn about how he gets the glorious words from God about a person’s destiny and their upcoming victories. And me on the other hand, I often receive revealing words from God about a person’s secret sin struggle or a wrong spirit that they are acting out in everywhere they go.

I know, I know it’s just a different administration of the gifts. God is in control. No worries, about whether God has shown me anything about you. The Holy Spirit has trained me it’s not for outing people but for prayer and to help see them get the victory. I repented for complaining and decided to obey God.

Hidden Anger

So, here’s the word for our inner work, hidden anger. We’re still on the journey of getting ready for God’s recompense. Back to this hidden anger, it’s the kind of anger that rages beneath the surface. It’s hasn’t been dealt with or at least all the way dealt with. In fact, that’s what most of the rage cases (road rage, postal rage, etc.) have turned into at some point. So, don’t think your hidden anger is headed somewhere good…

You may have hidden anger about some injustices in your life. It was just all wrong. Certain people let you down. Your father didn’t come for you when you felt he could have and should have. Or this person, whoever they are didn’t come through when it counted the most. Someone, badly, mistreated you even abused you for no good reason. I mean even God hasn’t explained this one…

As a part of my inner work, I discovered I had hidden anger about my season as a victim of spouse abuse (before I met Varn). I had hidden anger about people lying on me causing all kind of trouble for years, getting fired unjustly at one point. You may have recognized some injustices that you’re angry about in your own life by now. And get this, none of us are exempt from this sneaky culprit. You can be in the highest levels of God’s leadership. You could be a divorced father who’s spouse left them. Or a daughter whose feeling abandoned because you only get to see your father in the summer. Certainly, you could be a spouse who stayed after your spouse cheated on you. You have even gone through the motions of forgiving but you still feel so angry. The list could go on; I think you get my point.

Ready For God’s Recompense?

So, how can I fix it and be ready for God’s recompense? Good question. Number one, you have to recognize it as sin to be angry about something this long, from that long ago or even currently. The Bible does say, be angry and sin not.

But if you know that verse, you also know it says don’t let the sun go down on your anger lest the enemy gets a stronghold in your life. –Ephesians 4:26  Now, can you see what can happen if it’s been weeks, months and years for some who haven’t dealt with their anger.

We as Christians, we have to learn to forgive the person that sinned against us, forgive ourselves for where we failed, forgive Father God when he didn’t act when we thought he should have and let go as fast as we can.

With all of that said, most deep seated emotions or feelings may not be that easy to get rid of. We may need a counselor to help us sort it through, especially, if this hidden anger is causing us to act out in some unhealthy way.

I’ve been through counseling and even deliverance ministry with Christian counselors through my church. So, when I discovered hidden anger, I knew I had to repent, forgive and ask Father God to heal me and/or uproot any hidden anger. Just so, you know why I’m revealing this about myself, it’s so you will know what to do, if you’ve discovered hidden anger in your life.

Dealing With Hidden Anger

My greatest desire is that we all be ready for God’s upcoming recompense and season of blessing and restoration. Don’t get me wrong, God still loves you whether you deal with your anger right now or not. You are his child. But he is calling for you, even wooing you to get rid of any hidden anger. Why?

Because he knows it will do you more harm than it will the person you’re so angry with. He knows if you don’t deal with it and the longer you don’t deal with it, the more it grows towards rage which leads to some unforeseen sin you didn’t plan for in a million years.

Rage is so prevalent today, all you have to do is think of the latest rage incident and know there goes someone that didn’t deal with their hidden anger, whether they didn’t know how or they refused to deal with it when the opportunity came.

So, now is the time for you to deal with it. Won’t you join me in searching our hearts before Father God, judging ourselves, forgiving and releasing any hidden anger?

Pray like this: Father God forgive me for harboring anger in my heart toward _______________________. I forgive them and release them. I was hurt by this. I forgive myself and I forgive you Father God. Please heal my heart of all pain, offense and unforgiveness. I believe you are faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. Thank you, in Jesus name I pray.

getting ready for God’s recompense,

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