Looking For Prince Perfect by Earma Brown

Have you been looking for your Prince Perfect? For some of you, it’s a chance the prince has already arrived. Or, at the least, you may have already met him. Yet, you disqualified him before you got to know him.

I mean really, you have your list and the men in your sphere, even someone you’ve met over the years; he just does not measure up. The fact is he never will measure up. You like him, he’s interested in you. You could be interested in him but that list, barely anything checks off.

Let me give you something to consider. First of all, I’m not saying lower your standard. That is, the standard that is set according to the word of God. The main one I can think of is, don’t get unequally yoked with an unbeliever.

But you must give your list a reality check. For some of us, our list is so high minded, no one can meet it or live up to it. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. No one is perfect except our Lord Jesus. The word of God says he, the Christ was sinless.

Why Are You Looking For Prince Perfect?

So, why are you looking for a perfect man to meet and marry? I know, I know, none of us actually say that. But, we fall over into thinking this way, when we try to make our list of things we want our future husband to be like perfect. I’ve taught the principle of making a faith list myself to single women who desire a husband.

You know, make a list in faith of what you want in a husband. In fact, I did it when I prayed and asked God for a husband. I testified recently, about how I kept going on and on, in prayer and before the Lord for him to send me a husband. It was a short list but the man may have had to already achieved sainthood…Needless, to say I had to tweak that first list.

Even afterwards, I was so busy telling God what kind of man I wanted and what he needed to be like…Come on, don’t look at me like that; I know I’m not the only one in the world that’s had a prince perfect issue. Anyway, I got tired of the silence. God did not respond. I had just worn myself out.

Not to mention wearing God out, being like the widow that kept coming to the judge, until he finally threw up his hands and said, “Give her what she wants. Lest she wear me out!” By the way, that was Jesus’ story about how we should be persistent in prayer and faith…

Worn out, I put the list aside and prayed simply, Father, you know me; you created me, whoever you think is a good fit and will put up with my idiosyncrasies, I’ll accept. When I did that God responded.

He sent me a message saying, “Yes, I heard your prayer and I AM sending you a husband. But, I’m doing the choosing…” Twenty-four years later, I can testify; God knew what he was doing. My husband made the entire short list and some things only God, the ultimate matchmaker, can do…

A Reality Check

So, back to my point, I’ve learned that we are all at different levels in life and in our faith. The Lord may have communicated to you that he’s sending you a successful, executive business man, a man with a powerful ministry, a loving pastor or even a wealthy man. But the man you met appears to be a little like what God told you but not much. You can see glimpses of that person, if you’re even giving it chance…

All I’m saying is, give your faith list a reality check. Your man, the one Father God sent may not be measuring up to that old list. He’s not measuring up because he’s a diamond-in-the-rough. The truth is, we’re all created to be diamonds and jewels in God’s holy crown. But we’re in the rough, he’s not through with us yet.

We’re going through the process. In this life and in Christ, we are being refined and becoming who we are in Christ. We are each made in the image of God. And he wants us to reflect his image to each other in Christ and especially a dying world.

It’s What Marriage Is All About

In other words, your prince may not look much like what he’ll look like in a few years from now with you at his side. You’ll be at his side praying for him, supporting him, helping him become the man of God, Father already showed you, he’s destined to become.

The fact of the matter is, that’s a part of what marriage is all about. You help each other become who God has called us individually to be in Christ. You see, you may not look like, the beautiful diamond, you’ll be in a few years either. It’s in your destiny to become a beautiful jewel, reflecting the image of God.

And the way, you’ll get there is through your marriage. Just as you are at his side, he will be at your side loving you as Christ loves the church, praying for you, supporting you, helping you become the woman of God, you were destined to become. So, don’t get weary in waiting for the plan of God to unfold. Be patient and keep his way.

Many times, we began to blame God when things are not happening when we want it to. So, we run off, leave the path. If you’re there, repent and turn back to God. He’s waiting for you with open arms. He’ll strengthen you, establish and restore you where he’s destined you to be and who he destined you to become and just as importantly, who he’s destined you to be with in marriage.

For the good girls (through Christ – only goodness we can claim), the obedient ones, those who are doing their best to wait in faith and keep God’s way. Take this instruction to heart and tweak your faith list. You might find out your prince, your Boaz, your husband may have already arrived. If not yet, God is faithful and true to his word. Keep trusting and waiting by the Holy Spirit. Your promise is imminent.

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