Seize The Season! by Earma Brown, Author


Do you know what season your life is in? Are you in the preparation season? Or are you living your dream and destiny? For many the preparation season is spent preparing for a destiny to come. For others, it might be going through the process. God has communicated to you; the next level or the promise is coming. You might know by now, that means the process is about to happen which readies you for the next level.  For He only shows a few steps of the staircase at a time.

Whatever season, this message finds you in, you should maximize it. Live it to the fullest. Many times, over the years, I found myself mourning over a past season or spending too much time wishing for the next season. Instead, I’ve learned to live fully in my present season, yet remain expectant for the upcoming season.

The word maximize means to assign maximum importance to; to find a maximum value of; the period of highest, greatest or utmost development (plain terms: to give the best of all that you have to God and to receive all that God has for you in your present season.)

1. Recognize and know your season.
2. Interpret the signs of the God ordained season.
3. Decide to use your gifts and talents for God’s glory.
4. Make your calling and election sure.
5. Live a balanced life.

With all that said, we know we will experience different seasons at different times in our life. As we stay connected and led by God’s Spirit, we can discern and know the seasons of life. In this chapter, we have been discussing our preparation season and how we can operate in a spirit of readiness and stay ready for God’s opportunity and destiny.

Seizing my season,
Earma Brown
12 Book Christian Author

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